"The most common way people give up their power, is by thinking they don't have any".
...Alice Walker
Wouldn’t it be amazing to experience powerful, successful shifts and transformations similar to these?
Ava Stoecker
EFT Specialist
I’ve been doing EFT with Ava Stoecker for several sessions now.  
What I’ve experienced is nothing short of phenomenal.   The issues I
came to her for (IBS and anxiety) are much improved and I know that they will be resolved. If other aspects flare up, I can use EFT 
effectively on them!!   What is so amazing is that I’ve seen such
wonderful strides in a few short sessions when I’ve spent years off
and on in traditional psychotherapy with no real solution. Although
I came away from psychotherapy with a greater understanding, it
didn’t really help diminish the my underlying emotional traumas. I have never come away from a traditional therapy session with the experience and feeling of lightness.

What has been particularly wonderful is the way Ava has helped weave
my issues together in a way that all makes sense.  As I work on any 
one particular issue, another will appear, and I am finally seeing how 
all the causes of low self esteem from a variety of traumas have 
impacted my life and led to my anxiety and IBS, as well as the way I 
have related to or reacted to others.   It's interesting that some of the
larger issues, those that are tied to everything else; I never even knew I had!

Now I find myself really changing in a positive way and spontaneously communicating with greater self-esteem and making decisions that are healthy for me, rather than letting others control my life. 

This work is so exciting and Ava is a wonderful master and guide.
I highly recommend her to anyone who has a truly serious desire to take control of their life!

J. N.
Eugene, OR
"When my mother died, I fell apart. It was my good fortune that Ava was recommended to me. I've had six sessions with Ava and have found her to be brilliant.  She has provided me with tools that are life-affirming and life-changing!  In our sessions we have moved mountains of stuck energy! 

I am more productive than I can ever remember, focused on my true goals and dreams.  I'm attracting more abundance of all kinds--including money--than ever before!  I now feel I can do anything and achieve anything that I set out to do!  I continue to tap every day!

Please feel free to visit my web site and celebrate with me as I share my musical gifts with the world!  At long last I am free to be the one I came here to be!

Thank you Ava and bright blessings to all!"

Bridget Wolf, singer/songwriter of uplifting, empowering, healing songs: www.bridgetwolf.com


"It is difficult to know what to say when I realize the extraordinary healing I have received in a very short time through the intervention of Ava Stoecker, EFT Specialist. I was a licensed and well respected therapist and initially felt unease with this treatment. I tried everything else first but felt desperate enough to attempt this unique approach. I had increasingly stressful dreams for more than 30 years concerning my husband and for the next 13 years they became worse, even after a divorce. He was the love of my life in spite of shattering many of the moral and ethical laws I cherished. We had four appointments to deal with
underlying issues and then I had the courage to approach a significant symptom of the pathology. In one session, Ava was able be alter those dreams. I now see myself peacefully floating away from him and finally KNOWING that he cannot hurt me anymore."  My nights are much more peaceful now.

There are more results from our work together:

“I am a better mother now through our sessions.”

“This work is helping me deal with my daughter.”

“My relationship with my mother was extremely complex. Neutralizing trauma from our past plus the sessions we had during her dying process helped tremendously.”

“I have had asthma most of my life and my lungs have never felt this good

I realize that I am now on a road of recovery I would not have thought possible.

Thank You Ava

Y. D.  Eugene, OR


Dear Ava,

I want you to know what an asset you are to EasyLife Coaching. I firmly believe it is no coincidence that when you started seeing my clients a year ago that the weight loss average for my clients nearly doubled! I feel your work touches, and heals the very heart of the biggest struggle the compulsive overeater commonly faces; emotional eating. I am so grateful they have you to help them work through these huge emotional blocks that stand in the way of their weight loss. After a few sessions with you I always see dramatic results in my client’s ability to deal with the emotional process of breaking out of food addiction. I would also like to note that it is a double bonus for my clients when they come to you because, they not only are relieved of the suffering, but are taught tools to identify, connect with, and efficiently process through their own emotional journey throughout their whole life! What a gift! I look forward to working with you for many years to come.


Kelly LaCost
EasyLife Coaching LLC


I have been working with Ava for the past 5 months.  In that time I have been able to let go of a lot of “junk” that I have carried around with me for years.  One aspect of our work together has been to address that I am a thyroid cancer and breast cancer survivor.  The stress and fear of reoccurrence as a cancer survivor has been something that I struggled with on a daily basis.  It was always looming in the background.  I have had issues with my body staying in fight or flight mode since cancer diagnosis and treatment, which is exhausting, debilitating and stressful.    After addressing this with EFT, the plaguing thoughts and fears aren’t making there way into my head now.   I have been experiencing a sense of calm that I haven’t had for a long, long time.  I feel more rested, my body is finally relaxing, and the tightness in my belly is beginning to unravel. It has been wonderful to experience all the positive changes.   

I am so grateful that I met Ava and the fact that I have experienced the healing benefits of EFT. Thank you Ava, you are helping me change my life.
K.S.   Eugene, OR


I worked with Ava for four sessions.  Some emotions/feelings/beliefs that had weighed me down and kept me feeling stuck for years, maybe even decades, are now gone, no longer burden me, no longer have me endlessly trying to figure out why,why,why.  The combination of tapping and Ava's skill at honing in and intuitively knowing what to say as she guided me through the tapping was powerful and effective.  I feel a sense of peace I have longed for.  Such deep letting go using such a simple process hadn't thought possible, yet I happily feel this peace daily.  I am thankful for Ava's warmth, sense of humor, joie de vivre, compassion and skill.

Eugene, OR


I am writing to share how you and EFT therapy helped me.  Initially, when I came to your practice, I was skeptical if it could help me.  I was suffering from acute depression, anxiety/stress and ocd.  I had gone to psychiatrists, psychologists and physicians – all of them unable to help me.  My condition paralyzed me.  I was unable to take action, unable to think clearly and unable to make decisions.  I was desperate to get my life back.

I saw you on TV and I thought “Ava is my last resort.”  I am so glad that I met you and experienced EFT.  While I do not claim to be totally cured (yet), I am able to think much more clearly, I get out more and am able to come up with solutions.  I am considerably more relaxed and I now have a tools to help myself when I get sad or panicked.  I have also been able to do more for myself in the last 6 weeks, since working with you, than I have been able to do during the last year and a half.

Thanks again for being an answer to my prayers.

Eugene, OR

As someone who had decided a while ago to stop taking workshops and use the wisdom and the information that I already have, I am grateful that I decided to give EFT a try. I have experimented with so many self-healing techniques; too many to count. I have worked with therapists over the years and practiced spiritual affirmations. Nothing was able to jar loose my deeply buried false negative beliefs that had resulted in chronic depression, physical illness and general dissatisfaction with my life. Intellectually, I know that my life has been abundantly full of blessings, but I couldn't feel gratitude or joy in my heart. After one short workshop with Ava on EFT, I felt moved enough to pursue this technique that was totally new to me. I took another workshop and began tapping nearly everyday. I then took Ava's four-week "overeating" workshop and discovered some amazing things about myself. After two private sessions with Ava, I am tapping many times daily and discovering new things everyday about myself and my ability to heal emotionally and physically with EFT. My heart is full of joy and I truly feel the gratitude for my full life that I only believed I should have felt in the past. I wake up in the morning full of excitement and anticipation for the new day rather than a feeling of darkness and dread. I am sleeping better without sleep aides (drugs) than I have in over 20 years. I am accepting and learning to love who I am and discovering new and wonderful things about myself everyday. I truly love this new friend I have found in myself for the first time in my life, which allows me to offer my love to others more fully. Needless to say, I continue tapping with eager anticipation of what continued healing I will experience with EFT.

D. J. Eugene, Oregon

I have known Ava for over 15 years and she has always been a healer in my life. She has worked with me using so many different modalities including Reiki, Bach Flowers, hypnosis, and now EFT. EFT has had such an amazing impact on my life and I’m so grateful to Ava for working with me and helping me through challenging times in my life, both physically and emotionally. She has been able to help me work through many issues using EFT. We used EFT for dealing with blocks to a satisfying relationship, relief from obsessing over particular people, releasing procrastination regarding getting started on all that is required to clear the way for surgery I have to have in the United States, getting over the grief of a lost relationship and painful physical issues as well. What is so amazing is that she has been able to do this over the phone as I’m currently living in Germany. EFT is now a part of my spiritual, emotional, and physical life. I use it frequently and always with a positive outcome and I thank you so much Ava for once again providing me with such a valuable tool. You and your constant healing presence are such a blessing in my life.

Thank you for who you are and all that you do.
Bitburg, Germany

My introduction to EFT was a very powerful experience and it has continued to be so. Ava’s ability to zero in on the issue and stay focused on it to get to the root of it is incredible. She has a very loving way of keeping you on track in dealing with the core issue. I find that some of the smaller attached issues will let go on their own or no longer be an issue. She has an amazing sense of where to go and the questions to ask to see the changes as she works within her clients, pointing out the shifts so that you realize you are making changes even if you don’t see it at that moment.

I have had challenging life issues or conflicted situations turn around within minutes or hours and I like that. I also like that the emotional load is lightened tremendously when going through the process because that has been something that has blocked me from moving through some issues in life. I now know that I can get through things quickly and effectively with next to zero repercussions emotionally or physically.

I have had serious issues with family members – to the point that when my folks had their 50th wedding anniversary I was not willing to go because I knew it would make me sick for days before and after. We did a session about a month before the situation, one about a week before. I was able to attend the event, stay calm, free from migraines and physical pain. I actually had fun! A week later when an issue came up around it I was able to work through it in hours with her help and my relationships with my Mom, Dad and Sister have been changed forever.

I have been able to work through major blocks in my relationships with men and stay in a healthy place with my current sweetie.My first experience of Ava & EFT was at Christmas time when I was in choir and I totally lost my voice and couldn’t sing. I had been that way for a week or more and on the day of performance had no singing voice. She asked me if I wanted to try something and possibly be able to perform. I said yes and after about 5-7 minutes of working with EFT I was able to sing and enjoy the experience. I could even hit the high notes.I am truly grateful for this wonderful tool in my life to assist me in moving through issues that I have been stuck with for many years and have caused me much grief and suffering.

Thank You, Ava!
I am blessed and my life is changed forever.

I wanted to express the experience I had after taking your 'Are Your Cravings Hijacking You?' workshop. At first, I didn't think I really had any overwhelming cravings. But as I thought more about it, I realized I really loved chocolate covered espresso beans and would have a very difficult time saying 'no' to these. After attending your EFT class, Wednesday night, on overcoming cravings and experiencing tapping around this issue, I had a very interesting experience the next day. I usually eat my little treat just after lunch. It would be nothing for me to throw in about 7 - 9 beans and just LOVE THEM! But the day after your workshop, 1 PM rolled around and I did think about the fact that it was 'chocolate covered espresso bean time'. I could have eaten them, but I remembered what you said and that was to remember the creative Choices we wrote for ourselves the night before. I really didn't have to tap on not eating them - I just needed to remind myself of my Choice statement - and I was able to walk away and really not miss them. I stared at my husband's chocolate sitting on the counter, and I was easily able to pass on that too. Same thing happened on the second day - it was far easier to pass on eating any chocolate, much less the coffee beans. Even though I have used EFT very successfully to eliminate and reduce many other issues, like physical and emotional pain, it is the first time I've used EFT for eliminating a food craving. So far it is working magnificently. You are truly passionate about this topic and are a very skilled EFT practitioner.

Thank you.
G.S.Eugene, OR

A couple of weeks ago, I had an attack of IBS and felt miserable during the day. Late that afternoon, after my day-long of total stomach discomfort, you worked with me via phone. When you asked what I thought was causing this, (plus my worsening insomnia and migraine headaches), the only thing that would come to mind is that I was quite worried about loosing the balance in my life that I had struggled so hard with over the past year. I had recently taken on a new job, and even though I am very capable of doing all aspects of this job, I tend to give any commitment about 125% of my energy, thoughts and focus. After having done this job for about 1 1/2 months, I ended up with my body telling me something needed to change. You and EFT helped me through this stressful period and with this tapping session; you gave me a totally different perspective on my needing to overachieve to please. By the following day, the IBS had stopped its painful attack and by the second day, the headache subsided.

As the days have progressed, the IBS has not returned - thank you Ava! Thoughts of this session have been in the forefront for me and I knew that I needed to plan for allowing balance in my life and that I must not let the work-related thoughts dominate my thinking. Two nights ago, Larry King was interviewing Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup and the Soul), and words he shared have stuck with me. Jack said “We all need Free Days, Focus Days and Buffer Days." He explained each of these, and for whatever reason, the message hit home. I guess I was ready to hear it. I simply have never taken totally Free Days to do literally nothing - especially fun things. I've usually squeezed in a bit of time for some type of work. I believe that as a result of your session with me, that I was finally open to hearing this message. These Free Days will be how I will maintain my balance as my work schedule gets even crazier from January to March. Yesterday I made a fun list of all the things I could do on Free Days to simply have FUN! I've never done that before - that is 'plan for fun'. I'm actually surprised at how long my 'fun list' is.

Eugene, OR

Ava has worked with me for over year using the Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT has been used to help me with physical and emotional issues that I have had and continue to work through.

When I was started working with Ava it was for relief of a physical condition that had led to a high level of mental stress for a number of years in my life. When working with Ava, she helped me focus and stay calm. After each session, I felt marked relief. When I was not able to work with her in person or on the phone, I used EFT myself with good results. EFT was used for a physical condition that has since been resolved and I am ecstatic!

I enjoy working with Ava as she has a calm way about her and a personality that makes me feel secure. This sense of feeling safe has made it easy to open up during our sessions and work on core issues.

I am currently working through an extremely distressing period that has encompassed my life over the last several months. By using EFT I have been able to work through issues and emotions that have become much less stressful or have disappeared altogether. This has been very beneficial for me in my healing process.

I am so glad that Ava has shared EFT with me. I know that it has been a big factor in the positive changes I have seen in my life.

K. B.
Tigard, Oregon

I came to my first EFT workshop with a serious and particular food craving. To be honest, I felt a shift in this craving before trying EFT, but since the initial workshop and starting the tapping (for everything that gets me stuck); I have not had one craving for that particular food. In fact, I have to say, I've not had my usual sugar/flour cravings at all.

Eugene, Oregon

Ava's workshop and 4 week EFT Class has made a huge difference in my life! I feel more grounded, less reactive, more in touch with my emotions and have better self-esteem. In the few weeks I have been tapping, I have stopped compulsive eating habits (I lost 3 pounds last week) and find myself responding with positive thoughtfulness to challenging situations and people in my life, rather than reacting. I really feel I have a good solid tool for managing anxiety, which had been somewhat of an issue for me since childhood.

Thank You Ava!!!
L. P. Eugene, OR


...I am tapping my way through any negative thoughts & emotions that come up for me around manifesting my soul mate. It's such great stuff!

.....It is amazing the results. I have done it every day on one belief that I have. I decided to do it every day for a week. Then go on to the next belief .I'm not sure that is the process you were talking about that is what came to me to do

.....usually start the day out fine and wear down and begin having chest tightness and coughing. After a day of tapping occasionally throughout the day, I am feeling better
....not so worn down late in the day. I'm going to keep it up. I been told that this infection can last 3 months or so and I am surely not up for that! I expect to be well by the end of the week at this rate. Wow!

.....I have used the tapping a couple of times and am amazed at how quickly it works. When we tapped on a painful hip, my body took it to heart and my hip does not hurt anymore. I have had a stiff neck for a couple of weeks and have been using essential oils as well as massage and stretch. All of these things work to some degree, but the tapping seems to be the most effective. Since tapping, I have more mobility and much less pain than I have had in these past two weeks

….I'm so excited! For the first time in my life I have been able to experience that I am not my emotions!! My brother did a zinger that would have zinged me in the past and I was able to deal with the situation GRACEFULLY!!! I'm using tapping for everything that comes up. I feel FREE, FREE, FREE and my emotions are not running me now because have a tool to deal with whatever comes up.

Thank You Ava!
M. E. Oregon

After only 2 EFT sessions I can see and feel the benefits of this process.  In discussing my cancer journey memories while using the EFT techniques I was surprised and pleased to see how quickly they came into perspective.   Combining the physical aspect of tapping with the verbal & visual recounting of those memories will help complete the healing circle for me.  What a joy to feel the stress float away.  What have been unpleasant memories for me are now just a part of telling the story.  I am pleased to be a part of sharing EFT with my survivor community!   
Eugene, OR
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